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Electric motors

Electric motors with gearboxes

Our wide range of products includes various drive technologies. These include motors with worm gears for three-phase, alternating and direct current, as well as small gearmotors in particularly high efficiency classes. BLDC and EL-motors are also part of our portfolio.

Motors from the worm gear expert

When you decide on drive technology from Ruhrgetriebe, you can be sure that it is durable, reliable and of the highest quality. In the worm gear sector, we already made a name for ourselves many years ago. Our carefully engineered worm gearmotors are used in virtually every sector of industry. You too can benefit from our technical expertise and many years of experience!

We can supply you with AC, DC and three-phase motors with gearboxes. All our gearmotors comply with the VDE530 or EN 60034 regulations. No starting or start-up aids are required to launch them. The gearboxes we produce are characterized by their long service life and quiet operation. Moreover, they are extremely low-maintenance.

Gear motor for direct, three-phase or alternating current

Permanent magnet motor

Ruhrgetriebe’s DC permanent magnet motor has a service life of 3,000 hours of continuous operation. Among other things, its strength lies in its comparatively constant speed behavior. Even under heavy load, the speed drops only slightly. For the regulation of deviating speeds, we offer various electronic control devices. We can also supply permanent magnet motors with integrated operating electronics for some gear unit types

AC motors

We offer single-phase AC motors that are continuously variable and have an integrated control system. We offer single-phase AC motors that are continuously variable and have an integrated control system. Our AC asynchronous motors are available with torques from 6 to 25 Nm. You can choose between various reduction ratios and designs, so that the motors can be used in a wide range of applications. They have been specially engineered for the simple application of speed regulation and are a low-cost alternative to the use of frequency converters.



Permanent magnet motor for worm gear

We offer worm gearmotors with different types of gearmotors so that we can provide you with the right drive solution for every application. If you need a permanent magnet motor, a three-phase motor or a DC motor for worm gear units, we are your experienced contact. Based on our many years of experience in the industry, we have preconfigured a wide range of drive products for you, which we have in stock ready for delivery. This is why we can ensure extremely fast delivery times. We also implement individual customer requests quickly, cost effectively and reliably. Just contact us!

DC permanent magnet motor from Ruhrgetriebe

Our DC permanent magnet motors have a service life of 3000 hours in continuous operation. Their advantage includes their relatively constant speed behavior: Under load, the speed drops only slightly. Our product portfolio includes various electronic control devices to regulate deviating speeds. For our SN15 and SN15H gear unit types, we also offer a DC permanent magnet motor with built-in operating electronics. Thanks to the powerful Micro controller, no external control devices are needed. Depending on the type, our motors have protection class IP 40 or IP 54 according to DIN EN 60034-5 or VDE 0530-5. They are usually designed for a standard voltage of 24 V DC.

We manufacture drive technology according to your specifications

It is our personal claim to supply you with a worm gear motor that perfectly fits your application. For this reason we can produce individual special designs for you – both in series and as one-offs. If you need assistance with the selection and design of your permanent magnet motor, please feel free to contact us.

Our technically experienced team and our engineering representatives will advise you personally and in detail.


Ruhrgetriebe has specialized in the manufacture of worm gear units and worm gearmotors for three-phase, direct and alternating current for many decades. Our familiar company from Mülheim an der Ruhr reliably delivers high product and service quality “made in Germany”. Our range includes a wide variety of drive variants as well as various frequency converters. We also offer single-phase AC motors as an alternative in our product range.

The term AC motor is used to describe a group of different types of electric motors that are operated with single-phase alternating current. This means that only one outer conductor (phase) of the three-phase alternating current is used. This is usually used for remote transmission with as little loss as possible using high-voltage alternating current. AC motors can be produced according to different technical principles. Examples include the squirrel cage motor, a simple form of AC motor that is also referred to as a universal motor for low power applications, or the capacitor motor. Here the main winding is connected directly to the mains. An auxiliary winding is connected in series to the mains via a capacitor. In all types of construction, there is no direct rotating field, which is due to the fact that only one phase is used at a time. Additional design measures are therefore necessary to generate a rotary motion.

Types of electric motors: the asynchronous motor

Ruhrgetriebe works with single phase asynchronous motors, which are sometimes known as starter motors. Such a one has no torque at standstill. As a consequence, this means that it cannot start up independently. That is why such motors are set in rotation with external aids – often by hand. Once a certain speed is reached, the single-phase asynchronous motor runs by itself until the rated speed is reached. If the direction of rotation is to be changed, the motor must be stopped and then started again in the other direction. Compared to a three-phase asynchronous motor, the variant with one phase is less expensive to manufacture – also because less material is required.

Infinitely variable single-phase AC motor

Our infinitely variable AC asynchronous motor with integrated control can be upgraded with different worm gears and can be used variably. It was developed for simple speed control applications and is a cost-effective alternative to the costly use of frequency converters. The rated current is 1.0 A, the rated voltage is 230 V AC, and the rated power is 900 watts. The IP 54 protection rating indicates that this model is protected against dust deposits inside as well as against water spray. The motor has the size 56 and is equipped with the following gearbox variants compatible in the whitepaper.


AC motors with different torques

The advantages of the continuously variable AC asynchronous motor from Ruhrgetriebe at a glance:

The single-phase AC motor is available with torques from 6 to 25 Nm. Different designs and reduction ratios are also possible, making the drive technology suitable for a wide range of applications. The decentralised solution of the gear motor convinces with its space-saving design as well as the high power output with maximum running smoothness. The gearboxes have permanent lubrication and ball bearings. The worm wheels are made of special bronze, the steel worms are ground and hardened. You can rely on prompt delivery for all the systems listed.

We manufacture your drive technology as a special design

Our product portfolio consists of numerous standard models that we have compiled based on our many years of experience and expertise. They can be combined with each other according to the modular principle and cover most applications. Do you need an individual drive solution? Ruhrgetriebe is also the right contact for you in this case. We engineer special solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements and implement them quickly, cost-effectively and in the highest quality – as individual items or in series. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you on special designs and our AC motors.

From three-phase to alternating current motors: Ruhrgetriebe experts

Our family-run company is undoubtedly one of the leading specialists for worm gear units and worm geared motors. Our extensive product range is complemented by the professional implementation of individual customer requirements. We always work absolutely economically and reliably. The fact that numerous individual components of engines and gearboxes are still available even after many years of storage illustrates the high durability of our products and the superior quality of our services. Only in this way can we build a relationship with customers and suppliers that is characterised by permanence and mutual trust – and only in this way do we reinforce every day the good reputation that we have built up over decades as experts in drive technology.

Your individual AC motor: Contact Ruhrgetriebe

We specialise in turning our customers’ specific requirements into reality. Simply contact us for this purpose. We can be reached by telephone or e-mail and look forward to discussing your individual case together and presenting you with one of our standard or special solutions for an AC motor. Contact your expert for drive technology – Ruhrgetriebe – with confidence.