Efficient, Compact, Powerful, Intelligent, Durable Geared motors for electric machines.

Since 1953, our mission has been to breathe life into our customers’ machines. We develop and distribute efficient drive components for almost all industrial sectors. Our assembly islands produce high-quality drive systems that are designed down to the smallest detail and manufactured with the utmost care.

Our dedicated team of engineers and specialists always strive for perfection in order to deliver reliable and durable geared motors. With our extensive expertise and decades of experience, we ensure that our customers always receive the best solutions.


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At Ruhrgetriebe, we have been producing drive solutions for industrial sectors since 1953.






The drive of a bottling plant in the clean room of a large company came from the Ruhrgetriebe pen. And the toy industry is also part of the customer base. The company’s portfolio also includes drives for stair lifts that enable people to overcome obstacles even in their later years.

With the help of geared motors, building bricks are made with them, allowing children to create creative landscapes. But smart gear motors from Ruhrgetriebe are also used in communicative machines for automated processes.

Wide range of applications

Applications & Solutions

The areas of application for Ruhrgetriebe geared motors serve a wide range of different industrial sectors. For example, a manure conveyor belt on a farm uses the geared motors to move excrement from livestock.

In total, the portfolio extends to over 50 industries. From conventional areas such as toolmaking, mechanical engineering and plant construction to automation, aerospace and medical technology, mechatronics and regenerative energies, Ruhrgetriebe has designed drives and moved ideas.


Environmental love at Ruhrgetriebe

Gearboxes for a Sustainable Future: Our Environmentally Friendly Solutions

We love our environment! We actively contribute to a responsible use of our earth, so that our future generations can also explore the world. Together with our customers, we develop energy-efficient drive solutions. We can rely on a broad spectrum of innovative business partners

Are you familiar with our IE4 or IE5 motors? Our IE4 and IE5 motors are state of the art and offer maximum energy efficiency. They help companies to improve their carbon footprint and reduce operating costs at the same time. We are setting new standards in drive technology with our motors.

We can rely on a broad spectrum of innovative business partners.

Gear motors of the future

Intelligent drive solutions for every industrial sector

With our integrated solutions on the gear motor, we are taking digital communication, service quality and process efficiency to a new level. Ruhrgetriebe combines heart with the artificial intelligence and sets course for the future.

Our advanced technology enables seamless integration, while at the same time focussing on user-friendliness. With Ruhrgetriebe, you can rely on innovation and efficiency. This means you are ideally equipped for the challenges of digital transformation.

Our intelligent drive solutions are specially tailored to the needs of every industrial sector. Whether in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering or food processing – our solutions are designed to increase efficiency and productivity.

SmartSeries – Efficient. Innovative. Communicative