Digital nameplate


You decide whether you want the order number or entire product ID incl. Serial number specifically for the gear unit in question.


8-digit number: ID-1 shows you all the data of the gearmotors from the order. If only one item has been entered, only one gearmotor will be displayed here.


6-digit number: If several gearmotors are to be included in an order If the motor has not been shipped, you can use the ID-2 to uniquely identify your gearmotor.

Digital identification of gearmotors

A digital nameplate offers a modern and efficient solution for displaying product data online. With ID-1 and ID-2, all relevant information about your product can be digitally recorded and retrieved.

Advantages of the digital type plate

Simple identification

Quick access to all relevant information

Current data

Always up-to-date thanks to digital networking

Time saving

Reduced documentation effort


Less paper consumption thanks to digital documentation

FAQs about the smart type plate

A smart nameplate is a digital version of the traditional nameplate that provides detailed information about the geared motor. It can be easily accessed by entering the ID-1 and ID-2 and contains data such as technical specifications & operating instructions.

The smart type plate offers numerous advantages, including

  • Quick and easy identification of the geared motor
  • Direct access to current technical data and instructions
  • More efficient maintenance and repair processes
  • Reduced paper consumption and improved sustainability

Yes, the information on the smart nameplate is updated regularly to ensure that you always have access to the latest technical specifications and maintenance data.

No, no special software is required. All you need is a web browser to access the information.

Yes, it is possible to retrofit older gearmotors with a smart nameplate. This allows you to utilize the advantages of digital identification and management for existing motors as well.

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Where can I find the Product.ID?

On the front of the gearbox: You can find the 8-digit ID-1 and the 6-digit ID-2 on our blue nameplate. The nameplates can always be found on the gear unit of the gearmotor:

Do I need the rating plate from the electric motor?

No. The performance data of the motor rating plate are not relevant in this case, since all data are already available with the input of ID-1 and ID-2.

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