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Geared motors

Your geared motor from the worm gear manufacturer

Are you looking for a geared motor manufacturer with experience and expertise? We have specialised in the manufacture of worm geared motors and worm gearboxes since 1953. Our carefully designed drive solutions are used in almost all industrial sectors. We work quickly, reliably and deliver the highest manufacturing quality. Our family business is based in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Here we produce our durable drive technology for you. Our service also includes the prompt delivery of many spare parts for older geared motors. We have been working for a large number of our clients for several decades.

Geared motor manufacturer: Three-phase and direct current

We offer geared motors for direct current, three-phase current and alternating current. They can be switched on directly without starting aid and comply with VDE0530 regulations. As a geared motor manufacturer that values sustainability, we have also been offering you small geared motors in high efficiency classes for some time. We produce worm geared motors in efficiency classes IE2 and IE3 from as little as 0.09 KW. We can also supply EL motors and BLDC motors. You would like to retrofit geared motors? Then we recommend our frequency converters. If you need help with your selection, just get in touch with us. We will find the right solution for you.




Brushless DC motors from the geared motor manufacturer

BLDC stands for brushless direct current. BLDC motors are accordingly brushless DC motors that are constructed like a three-phase synchronous machine and are not – as the name suggests – based on the functional principle of the DC machine. By means of a suitable circuit, the three-phase winding can be controlled in such a way that a rotating magnetic field is created which causes the permanently excited rotor to rotate. The control behaviour is comparable to that of a DC machine. You will find BLDC motors as well as EL motors in Ruhrgetriebe’s extensive range. Please feel free to contact us about these variants so that we can find the perfect solution for your individual requirements in a joint discussion.


From BLDC to small geared motors: Drive technology made to measure

We offer a variety of standard models that we have in stock ready for delivery. If you need a drive variant that has to meet special requirements, we are the right contact. Based on our expertise and experience, we develop and implement individual drive technologies for you. Whether as a single item or in series: we implement customised designs quickly and economically. Choose Ruhrgetriebe as your gear motor manufacturer. Our experienced staff will advise you in detail and personally.


Our philosophy as a manufacturer of geared motors

Our carefully designed worm gear units and motors are planned and manufactured by our experienced team in Mülheim. The employees of Ruhrgetriebe draw on a wealth of experience in the technical field. We always have the satisfaction of our customers in mind and act with absolute trust and fairness – naturally also towards our suppliers and employees. We are convinced that this is an important basis for cooperation between all that is both long-term and successful. Added to this are the high standards we set ourselves, which are reflected in the high quality of all the products we manufacture. We are committed to continuously safeguarding our profitability and competitiveness. This is where our TÜV-certified quality assurance and permanent process optimisation come into play. Contact us if you would like to learn more about small geared motors or our worm gear units. Your experienced geared motor manufacturer will be happy to provide you with advice and support.