We are the drivers

” We at Ruhrgetriebe believe that even a medium-sized family business can do its part to change the world a little bit.”

Our vision

At first glance, this vision sounds ambitious. …but together with our customers, we bring machines to life with our drive systems – as the heart of the matter. We are your driving force.

Today and in the future

The heart of a company, in addition to its product range, is a living and solidified mission statement. A jointly defined target and idea of how to deal with each other is defined by vision, mission and values.

Our vision, mission and principals put into words what we do and why and how we do those things. They represent as much a directional indicator for our future as they do a reflection on our roots in the past. They express how we see the world and what changes we want to realize in it.

Efficiency. Sustainability. Employee focus.

We at Ruhrgetriebe are convinced that our drive systems contribute to the efficiency of electric machines. Our vision goes beyond drive engineering. We want our continuous developments to have a positive impact on the environment – from the way we source materials to the way we work with our customers to bring their machines to life.

Our long-term goal is to set up the family business in a solid position for the constant changes in order to continue to successfully consolidate the name “Ruhrgetriebe” in the world of drive technology and therefore to be a renowned manufacturer for intelligent drive engineering solutions.

We believe that all employees form the foundation of our company, turning ideas into action and power into motion – because quality is not a matter of chance, it is always the result of hard thinking.

As a modern company, we are constantly expanding our product portfolio so that we can offer the optimum drive for almost every conceivable application and requirement.



Our mission is to breathe life into our customers’ machines. We develop and distribute efficient drive components to make our vision ” Ruhrgetriebe, the building block for a smart and efficient world in the field of drive technology” come true.

As a renowned manufacturer of geared motors, we have been engineering and producing drive components for almost all branches of industry since 1953.

As a modern company, we are constantly expanding our product portfolio in order to realize the optimum drive variant for our customers’ requirements. On our assembly platforms, we produce premium products that are designed to the finest detail and manufactured with the highest level of care.

The aim is to work closely with the customer to design gear unit solutions that are as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible for their application and generally use recyclable materials to extend the product life cycle.