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Ruhrgetriebe KG is committed to its social responsibility and has signed the ZVEI Code of Conduct on Social Responsibility.

Social responsibility

Social sustainability

Our Code of Conduct in detail:

ZVEI’s guide for member companies

The ZVEI and its member companies assume social responsibility in a corporate context. The ZVEI Code of Conduct was developed for this purpose. It covers international standards and serves as a guideline for companies to make their own declarations to customers or to demand corresponding declarations from suppliers.

The ZVEI Code of Conduct reflects the association’s shared value base and promotes socially responsible corporate governance. More than 550 companies have signed this code, which at the same time serves as recognition in business relationships and enables suppliers to apply it without having to sign additional company codes.

Social responsibility


This mission statement documents the corporate purpose and the related values and business principles typical of Ruhrgetriebe, which have guided our actions since 1953.

Cornerstones: The guiding principles of Ruhrgetriebe:

Social responsibility

We use the “ZVEI Code of Conduct” on social responsibility” (CoC) as the basis for this. This guideline from the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) sets out what corporate responsibility means. (ZVEI) sets out what corporate responsibility means: for working conditions, social and environmental compatibility, as well as transparency, trusting cooperation and dialog.

We do all this out of deep commitment, because we know that responsible action pays off – for a world worth living in, for more trust and for ever better products.

Integrity & Compliance

Whistleblower system

Submitting a report to Ruhrgetriebe’s whistleblowing system:

The Ruhrgetriebe platform for trust and openness

Full compliance with our internal regulations, Code of Conduct and Business Partner Code of Conduct is a top priority at Ruhrgetriebe. Our corporate success is founded on integrity and strict compliance. In order to meet this high standard, it is of central importance to detect and stop potential violations by employees or suppliers. For this purpose, the Central Intelligence Office has implemented an independent, objective and confidential whistleblowing system.