Code of conduct

Code of Conduct Ruhrgetriebe

Ruhrgetriebe KG is committed to its social responsibility and has signed the ZVEI Code of Conduct on Social Responsibility.


The ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e. V. (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association) and its member companies are committed to their social responsibility as part of their corporate activities.

The ZVEI has therefore developed a Code of Conduct on social responsibility. It is based on internationally established standards and covers all relevant topics. Application of the ZVEI Code of Conduct is voluntarily. It serves as a template for companies to make their own declarations to customers or to request corresponding declarations from suppliers.

The ZVEI Code of Conduct is an expression of the ZVEI’s shared value base. As more companies commit to the Code, socially responsible business practices will become more prevalent, because the electrical industry is at the center of value networks. More than 550 companies have signed the ZVEI Code of Conduct.

These companies have confirmed in writing or by resolution protocol that they recognize the ZVEI Code of Conduct in business relations as equivalent to their own code – if different from the ZVEI Code of Conduct. They accept the application of the ZVEI Code of Conduct by the supplier as sufficient and refrain from signing the company’s own code by the supplier.



Social responsibility

We use the “ZVEI Code of Conduct” on social responsibility” (CoC) as the basis for this. This guideline from the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) sets out what corporate responsibility means. (ZVEI) sets out what corporate responsibility means: for working conditions, social and environmental compatibility, as well as transparency, trusting cooperation and dialog.

We do all this out of deep commitment, because we know that responsible action pays off – for a world worth living in, for more trust and for ever better products.

Our Code of Conduct in detail