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You already have experience in your profession, but would like to change and face new professional challenges? Taking on new tasks, bearing more responsibility, advancing in your career? You’re asking yourself, “Which company can I use to advance my career path?”

Bring your knowledge and enthusiasm to our innovation journey as we push the boundaries of technology together.

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With the choice of a job, a fundamental decision is made for the future professional life and one’s own personal development.

When making this important decision, everything should be right from the start: exciting tasks and projects, a friendly family atmosphere, a trusting relationship with superiors, respectful interaction and team spirit between colleagues on a daily basis, opportunities for further training and promotion, personal development of potential and, of course, not forgetting the right salary and benefits. Translated with (free version)

If you attach great importance to these things, just like we do, RUHRGETRIEBE is the right place for you. We honor your professional expertise and professional experience.

Anyone who has in-depth knowledge in his or her field, who wants to actively contribute his or her skills to a team and who wants to develop further is welcome and appreciated at RUHRGETRIEBE.

We are continuously looking for people who complement our team with their personality and individual skills. An outstanding resume is good, but it’s also not everything. We are looking for people with heart, passion and inventive spirit. Active makers who think one step ahead and are committed to always improving and advancing what we do. Motivated people who appreciate independent work in a coordinated team and who stand behind the RUHRGETRIEBE philosophy.

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We attach great importance to protecting the environment. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to receive environmentally friendly paperless applications via e-mail.

Personal interaction with you is very important to us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about training or current vacancies.
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Using the digital product label, you can easily send us all the information required for the unique specification of your required gearmotor. A glance at the nameplate of your drive unit and entering the ID number will provide you with a 100% specification.

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