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Your customized gear motor from worm gear manufacturer

You need a special drive according to your wishes and application requirements? We develop and build special drives with high customer specification.
The areas of application of our geared motors are versatile. Hardly any application is like the other. That’s why we like to bring our knowledge and expertise to every project right from the start. In this way, we work with our customers to find the best solution for each application.





Customized drive components from Ruhrgetriebe

Last but not least, because of the customer-specific requirements for drive technology, Ruhrgetriebe KG sees itself as a consultant and solution provider for special applications.

Since 1953, the family-owned company has been manufacturing worm gear boxes and worm gearmotors for three-phase, alternating and direct current. The products “made in Mülheim an der Ruhr” are used in numerous areas of industry.

For customized solutions, Ruhrgetriebe employs interdisciplinary project and engineering teams. Based on the desired goals and framework conditions, an initial rough idea of the drive is developed. After constant consultation with the user, a finished product is finally created. The range of services extends from special individual components and customized complete systems to highly complex assemblies. The customized products can be produced as a small series but also as a large series, depending on the requirements. Optionally, the gearbox solutions are also available without motor. By selecting motor combinations in advance, these are matched to each other to put together an efficiently operating drive solution.


One gearmotor - countless possibilities

Standard gear units from the range cannot always exploit the optimum performance potential of their application. Modular gear boxes offer the possibility to individually adapt the actuator to the desired requirements.

Shaft/ flange dimensions

Transmission/ gearing

Motor types / current types

Motor types / current types


Countless possibilities

In addition to the standard program for worm gear boxes, Ruhrgetriebe offers numerous types of gear boxes with different gear ratios, gear positions and mounting positions. But due to a space constraint or unsuitable performance data such as torque or gear ratio, not every standard motor is suitable for the desired task.

If the requirements for geometry or attributes can no longer be covered by the standard, individual solutions are needed for the drive.

Not only customers’ wishes are constantly changing, but the market segments in the field of drive technology are also becoming more and more focused. This is why Ruhrgetriebe KG created the Customer Line a few years ago. With this concept, the company not only realizes simple adaptations of the geometry of flange or shaft dimensions, but also designs customized gearbox solutions in close consultation with the ideas as well as requirements of the user.


Unique drive solutions


Special motors like air motors

In addition to three-phase asynchronous, direct current and direct current permanent magnet motors, customers have almost all possible motor types to choose from during project development. For example, customized projects with air motors, synchronous motors have already been implemented. To keep drives in position, a large partner network for pulse and incremental encoders can be accessed for motor feedback. Stainless steels are suitable for special material compositions of the housing parts. This selection is mainly used in the food or packaging industry. But standard materials such as cast or aluminum components are also available. Ruhrgetriebe KG ensures that gear motors remain recyclable.

Together with the customer, not only technical specifications of the gearmotor are optimized. In order to meet the highest quality requirements, the application engineers also pay attention to the correct selection of the associated components such as bearings, shaft seals or lubricants.