CollabTech for gearmotors: discover the power of cooperation.

Special gearbox

Our strength: We have been operating in the world of drive technology as a manufacturer of efficient drive solutions since 1953, and our passion for geared motors has enabled us to breathe life into many machines with the help of our customized special gear units.

Whether you are looking for a gearmotor for industrial automation, robotics, conveyor systems or other applications, CustomDrive is your partner of choice. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative drive solutions that push the boundaries of your requirements.

Engineering Partner

Unleash the potential of your projects with customized solutions!


Engineering: Welcome to the world of customized engineering! Because with us, there is no standard for ideas. If our modular modules do not offer the right solution, we are ready to develop flexible special gear units for you. Our dedicated team of experts looks forward to understanding your unique requirements and creating custom drive solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs. No matter how complex your challenges may be, we are happy to take them on and turn them into innovative and high-performance gearbox solutions. With our years of experience and deep understanding of technology and precision, we are ready to make your vision a reality.


We develop customized gearmotors from a wide range of gearing types:

This is because special gear units derived from our basic gear units can also be realized in the shortest possible time.

Together, let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible and shape the future.

Special gearbox

Collaborative power: 10 steps.

#1 | Customer inquiry

Your first contact or inquiry will reach us by e-mail, by phone, by visiting a trade show, etc.

#2 | Joint exchange

A "personal" sales engineer accompanies your inquiry from the concept phase to drive component delivery and beyond. Your contact at Ruhrgetriebe will be happy to provide you with advice and support at any time. For us, delivery reliability and customer satisfaction are just as much a matter of course as the highest quality and precision in our gear units. We love drive technology.

#3 | Development phase

During the design phase, our design engineers discuss various options and determine whether your special gearbox can be realized on the basis of an adapted standard solution or whether a completely new design is required. If a new - specially designed for you - drive unit is created, a non-disclosure agreement can be made upon request.

#4 | Vote / Further collection of ideas

We go into the second intensive consultation with you, exchange ideas & suggestions based on examples and develop based on the common consensus an efficient drive unit.

#5 | Calculation project costs

We calculate the costs for your special gearbox solution and submit a final, concrete offer on this basis.

#6 | Optimization of the design

Within a third intensive consultation phase, the Ruhrgetriebe proposal is discussed and adjusted if necessary.

#7 | Order customer / Further adjustments

You order and receive your gearbox sample afterwards. If required, we can also transmit a prototype from our 3D printer - the drive solution can now be put through its paces for the first time at your site.

#8 | Optional: pre-series, field test and/or prototype

Do you want to perform a pre-series or field test? No problem. We start from quantity 1.

#9 | Re-Design

Theory and practice can be different. In case of any adjustments, we go into a re-design and create another prototype that can be tested in the application.

#10 | Frame order customer

You give the go ahead by issuing us a framework agreement and we start series production of your new drive unit.

From here on, you can sit back, relax and eagerly await your drive solution.

Moving the future together

Specific special gearbox

Efficient development: A perfect fit for your application.

Fixed implementation

Short development times, fast quotation & prototype construction


We know no limits. Present us with a challenge.

1 Project partner

No Jungle of contact persons: 1 project manager available for you at any time.

Customer proximity

We love communication. Business partners at eye level.

Industry Experienced

We have been a manufacturer of drive units since 1953.

Interactive teams

Consultation of all departments. From development to shipment: thus we guarantee the best solution.

Transmission belt

Family business: Customer satisfaction comes first.

Additional advantages

# Series production

Large quantities are no problem for us - challenge us.

# Packing & Shipping

Your custom solution will be shipped in sustainable packaging and will be shipped to you in a resource-saving manner.

# After sales

Our customer service and design department will continue to be available after delivery to assist you with any questions regarding your special solution/gearbox that may arise only at that time.

# Spare parts

Even years after your order, we have a safety stock of spare parts in stock to support you as quickly as possible in case of failure.