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Services that go beyond our drive components. Ruhrgetriebe offers services over the entire life cycle of your drive component. This enables us to provide your engineering department with effective and efficient solutions for implementing our drive component in your application.

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Ruhrgetriebe Service

Whether maintenance, overhauls or spare parts: Ruhrgetriebe offers various lifecycle service solutions for drive components.

Ruhrgetriebe offers a wide range of technical support, consulting and next generation e-services in the development, production and maintenance of drive components. Our specialized services cover the entire life cycle of drive components and we build on long-term partnerships with our customers. We are a qualified producer of drive components with technical support including retrofits, repairs, just-in-time spare parts as well as online consulting/drive design. This complete service offering allows you to use the most efficient drive for your application.

Express deliveries

Delivery time

1 week – from inquiry to finished gear motor.

Discover our turbo deliveries.

Maximum speed, minimum waiting time.

Urgent inquiries and orders can reach you within one working day or a maximum of 5 working days thanks to flat hierarchical levels, customer-friendliness of all employees and a generous stock of Ruhr gearboxes.

Identity in data format

Smart Nameplate

Smart identity management

The Digital Nameplate offers a new dimension in traceability.

Our smart geared motors and digital services enable our customers to quickly and efficiently integrate their machines and systems into the digital world. Are you looking for basic information on this gearmotor? Simply enter the product.ID or serial number in the search field below – you will receive relevant gearbox information directly.

Digital drive components
With the help of the Product.ID, you can access basic information on the drive component at hand at any time.
This is specified on each nameplate.


Spare parts

A lifelong partnership.

Carefree into the future: With our years of spare parts, you ensure long-term reliability.

Our Lifecycle Service stands for a spare parts supply that leaves nothing to be desired. We always check the quality of our parts thoroughly so that they meet the highest standards. Our large warehouse system ensures that we can guarantee you very short delivery times worldwide.

With our life cycle service, we support our drive components over their entire life cycle – from planning and spare parts to environmentally friendly equipment replacement.


Inhouse overhaul

Overhaul & Repair

Sustainable solutions for drive systems: Trust our in-house overhaul of gearmotors.

We love our environment. We try to save every gearbox too efficiently and economically.

Our geared motors are among the most reliable in drive technology. But over time, various influences leave their mark on the components, making them fall short of optimal performance and necessitating repairs. We guarantee a fast service, so that a smooth and fast processing can take place – without unnecessary downtimes of an application. In the case of downtime, we do everything we can to reduce it to a minimum as quickly as possible. Express service is one of our corporate values.



From the idea to the first tangible implementation.

Discover our latest advances in 3D prototyping.

For new designs, it is important to get to know the dimensions and functions of the future gearbox. In addition to CAD-data for initial verification in your end application, we also offer you the possibility of receiving the future gearbox as a real prototype. In addition to 3D printed samples, prototypes can also be produced from solid material so that you can get an impression of the finished product in the early stages of product development.

Digital product consulting

Personal consulting in the digital era

Shopping 2.0: Your digital product finder

Communication is the key to your particular drive.

Live experience via webcam
Personal discussions with our customers and suppliers are the foundation of a good business relationship for us. Using the latest digital technology, we can switch meetings with you in video and audio to realize the personal exchange of interests.

Discover our digital product advice – make an appointment now.



Putting it through its paces.



Quality down to the smallest detail.



We love customizing.

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Retrieve important product data:

Using the digital product label, you can easily send us all the information required for the unique specification of your required gearmotor. A glance at the nameplate of your drive unit and entering the ID number will provide you with a 100% specification.

Comfortable. Simple. Secure.

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