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More efficient, more compact, more powerful: helical gearmotors.

Advantages helical gearboxes

#1 | High efficiency

Helical geared motors have high mechanical efficiency as they have less internal friction compared to other types of gearboxes. This leads to an efficient conversion of electrical energy into mechanical power.

#2 | High torque density

Helical geared motors offer high torque density, meaning they can deliver high torque relative to their size and weight. This makes them ideal for applications that require high torque, such as conveyors, cranes, machine tools, etc.

#3 | Precise and reliable power transmission

Due to their design, helical geared motors offer precise and reliable power transmission. The gears in the gearbox ensure accurate torque transmission and minimise backlash, resulting in precise positioning and reliable performance.

#4 | Low noise development

In general, helical geared motors produce relatively little noise compared to other types of gearboxes. This is due to the good contact design of the gears and the high rigidity of the gear assembly.

#5 | Multipurpose

Helical geared motors are used in a wide range of applications, including mechanical engineering, automation technology, materials handling, robotics, packaging machines, CNC machines, machine tools, medical technology and many other areas.

Helical gearboxes: FAVORITE CHOICE

Wide range of applications

Helical geared motors are a versatile and efficient solution for various industrial applications requiring high torque. With a power range of 15 – 380 Nm, these motors offer a wide range of power options to meet the needs of different industries.

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