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Career exploration days 2022

Firefighter, veterinarian, police officer, chemist, mechatronics engineer…? Something commercial, manual, social…?

Some young people have an early idea of what career they would like to pursue later. The majority, however, are groping in the dark and do not know where the professional journey should lead them.

If you want to find the right career for you as a student, the best way is to go on a practice-oriented journey of discovery within a company.

We are your driving force.

To support young people in this process, we participated in the career exploration days organized by the city of Mülheim. From 17.05.2022 – 19.05.2022, students of the 8th grade had the chance to explore one occupational field each, in order to get first insights into the professional world and to develop realistic ideas about different professional activities.


Thus, on May 19, 2022, four young men from the Realschule Stadtmitte spent a day at RUHRGETRIEBE. After a short round of introductions and a tour of the company, the students were able to follow the everyday work of our trainees in the company. In addition to small practical tasks such as the assembly of a geared motor (drilling, screwing, assembling, function checks…), the job description of industrial mechanic:in was clearly explained and all questions regarding the training were answered.

We hope that the experience gained at RUHRGETRIEBE will be useful to the young people as they continue their career orientation and wish them all the best for their future.

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