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Who is Toni?

Toni is no ordinary team member at Ruhrgetriebe, but something unique: an AI chatbot! As a symbol of innovation, Toni embodies progress in the digital world. Accompany Toni on a varied journey through the world of drive technology at Ruhrgetriebe.

Our AI chatbot is your personal assistant for all questions relating to geared motors from Ruhrgetriebe. Whether you need technical details or help with product selection, our chatbot is at your disposal. Simply ask your questions and our chatbot will do its best to give you a precise and helpful answer.

Our smart AI chatbot is available around the clock to answer all your questions about Ruhrgetriebe and its products.



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= Talented

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= Online

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= Useful

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= Innovative

” I choose a relaxed and interactive approach to present the topic of artificial intelligence on the Ruhrgetriebe website for all interested parties. “

Chatbot Toni

Toni's current topics


What does Ruhrgetriebe produce?

How do I make an enquiry?

I have a complaint. What needs to be done?

Drive technology

How does a gearbox work?

What are geared motors for?

What makes a planetary gearbox?

Test & learning phase

It is an AI-supported system that is in the learning phase and is being continuously developed to offer you the best possible support.

Even more networked in the future - outlook and development

In the future, Toni will be increasingly integrated into the digital landscape through continuous development and adaptation to the latest technological developments. The functionality and range of services are expanded based on the needs and wishes of our users. This makes the interaction with Toni even more intelligent, enabling the user to move quickly from the question to the optimal answer.

Continuous further development through machine learning

Machine learning is the engine that gives AI chatbots their dynamic adaptability. With every interaction, these chatbots collect data to refine their algorithms and expand their response capabilities. This continuous learning process enables the chatbots to optimize their responses over time. This not only makes them more precise in their responses, but also more versatile in their ability to respond to a wide range of requests. Interactions become more human and offer users added value that goes far beyond what traditional, rule-based systems can achieve.


Retrieve important product data:

Using the digital product label, you can easily send us all the information required for the unique specification of your required gearmotor. A glance at the nameplate of your drive unit and entering the ID number will provide you with a 100% specification.

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