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Solid shaft gearbox

Solid shaft gearboxes and hollow shaft gearboxes in comparison

In essence, a solid shaft gearbox is exactly the opposite of a hollow shaft gearbox. A solid shaft is an integral part of the respective application and turns from the inside out, in a manner of speaking. With a hollow shaft, the reverse occurs: Here, the application, which is provided with its own shaft, is inserted into the gearbox. While hollow shafts tend to be used in connection with weight-reduced designs, solid shafts can be provided with axial and radial threaded holes for fastening.

Solid shaft gearboxes from Ruhrgetriebe

Ruhrgetriebe convinces in the market for worm gearboxes through many years of technical experience, a specialist knowledge that has proven itself time and again in practice as well as a manufacturing quality that is second to none. Worm gear units make up a significant part of our product range. These are available in various designs: with one or two stages, with output or hollow shaft. In addition, you can choose between different types of electric geared motors. Among other things, we offer you such motors that are designed with a solid shaft gearbox for three-phase, direct or alternating current.




Solid shaft gearboxes from Ruhrgetriebe: reliable and low-maintenance

Our solid shaft gearboxes are characterised by high reliability. In addition, they are extremely low-maintenance – just like all worm gear units from Ruhrgetriebe. They are suitable for both directions of rotation and have a resistant closed housing. One example is the SN3B model from our production. We use special bronze for the production of our worm wheels, as it has excellent sliding properties. The gearboxes built by Ruhrgetriebe run particularly quietly and also have an impressively long service life. These positive properties are due to a well thought-out design in combination with permanent lubrication with special gear fluid oils and greases. As a rule, no relubrication of the gears is required, the lubricant does not need to be changed.


Customised electric and small geared motors with solid shaft

You will find numerous standard models in our range. DThese have been preconfigured by us and can be selected by you according to a practical modular system. The resulting product solutions can be used in almost all areas of application. Usually, we will provide you with a quotation on the same day and dispatch usually takes place within 24 hours. Please also contact us if you have an application that requires an individual drive solution. In this case, we produce them for you as premium customised products and work absolutely quickly and cost-efficiently.


Your contact to the expert for solid shaft gearboxes

Many of our customers have been relying on the high quality of our drive technology solutions for many years. Among other things, you benefit from our high service standards, one aspect of which is that we always have individual parts of numerous electric geared motors or small geared motors in stock – even if they are older makes. This also reflects the high manufacturing quality and durability of our products. We are firmly convinced that this service – carried out by highly trained specialists, some of whom we have trained ourselves – is the cornerstone for a successful future for Ruhrgetriebe. If you need help in choosing the right solid shaft gearbox, we will be happy to advise you in detail. Of course, this applies to our entire range of electric or small geared motors. Talk to us! We look forward to hearing from you