Since 1. Januar 2017m, small gearmotors with a rated power of 0.75 to 375 kW must have at least energy efficiency class IE3 according to the Energy-using-products-act (EBPG). Motors with an efficiency of only IE2 can be retrofitted with a frequency converter. As an independent family business, we are aware of our responsibility towards nature and mankind and plan with an eye to the future. For some time now, we have been offering motors with the highest efficiency levels IE3 and IE2 from as little as 0.09 kW. This takes us far ahead of the legal requirements.

Electric motors with gearboxes

Small gear motor in highest efficiency class

More than half of the total consumption of electrical energy is generated by machines driven by electric motors. Consequently, the environmentally compatible design of electric drive systems plays a very important role in global energy conservation. As a small gear motor manufacturer, we are intensively concerned with this topic and are aware of the great responsibility we bear. Our worm gear motors are used in all industrial sectors. That is why we have been offering gearmotors in the premium efficiency class for some time now. Choose an energy efficient small gear motor from Ruhrgetriebe and contribute to sustainable environmental protection.

As of January 1, 2017, gearmotors with a rated power of 0.75 to 375 kW must have at least efficiency class IE3, according to the Energy-Using Products Act (EBPG). Motors that only achieve the minimum IE2 efficiency may be retrofitted with frequency converters. These are also part of our wide range of products. For electric motors, which belong to the lower power range, no environmental regulations at all have been announced so far. As we are a long-term oriented company, we also manufacture worm gearmotors from 0.09 kW in efficiency class IE2 and IE3. We exceed the requirements of the legislator by far. In addition, our portfolio also includes worm gear units with EL motors and BLDC motors.

IE2/IE3 small gearmotors in the lower power range

Electric gear motor according to your specifications

Based on our years of experience and extensive expertise, we have preconfigured a wide range of drive models for you. They cover most areas of application and can be conveniently combined with each other according to the modular system. You cannot find a suitable drive solution for your application in our standard range? Then Ruhrgetriebe is also the right place for you. We produce customized electric gearmotors for you that optimally meet your specific requirements. Our focus here is also always on creating drive products that are economical and of first-class quality – whether in series or as individual items. Feel free to contact us if you need help with your selection or have questions about special solutions. We will be glad to advise you on our motors and worm gear units.

Electric motor with gearbox from the specialist

If you are looking for an electric motor with gearbox, Ruhrgetriebe is the right place for you. We have been manufacturing electric gearmotors for many years, which are used in all areas of industry. Our main focus is on the production of worm gear boxes and worm gear motors. We produce your drive technology quickly, reliably and with high quality standards.

Electric motors with gearboxes in different versions

In our product range you will find electric motors with gearboxes for three-phase current, direct current and alternating current. They all comply with the specifications of VDE0530 for rotating electrical machines. No starting or cranking aids are needed to turn them on. With an eye on the environment, we also manufacture small gearmotors in high efficiency classes. They have efficiency classes IE3 and IE2 from as little as 0.9 KW. BLDC and EL motors are also available from Ruhrgetriebe. We offer various frequency converters for retrofitting your gearmotors. Because we use only premium components and special gear fluid greases and oils to manufacture our gear units, they are particularly quiet and extremely durable. They do not require relubrication and rarely need maintenance.

Generally, we offer our worm gear units in the following four designs:

Three-phase geared motors in various designs

Ruhrgetriebe offers worm gear boxes in combination with asynchronous squirrel cage motors. These are switched on directly without the need for starting or starting aids. In two- or four-pole design, they are assigned to worm gear units. The corresponding motor speed depends on the mains frequency and the number of poles. Almost all three-phase motors used have ventilation. Likewise, most of the variants we supply can be equipped with electromagnetic DC disc brakes that operate according to the closed-circuit principle. The motors have at least IP 54 protection, but higher degrees of protection can be implemented in most models. For detailed information regarding brakes, protection class, insulation etc. please refer to our detailed catalog for worm gearmotors for three-phase current.

The worm gearboxes for direct current in our range are offered in combination with shunt motors. The motors score particularly well with their very constant speed behavior: The rated speed of 3,000 rpm drops only slightly at most, even under corresponding load. In our product range you will also find various electronic devices for the regulation of deviating speeds. The worm gearmotors for direct current at Ruhrgetriebe have protection classes IP 44 or IP 54. We have compiled further information for you regarding protective measures, power connections and more in our catalog for worm gearmotors for direct current.

Worm gear motors for direct current

Our worm gearboxes combined with DC permanent magnet motors have a service life of 3,000 hours of continuous operation. One of the greatest strengths of this variant is its constant speed behavior. Just as for the worm gearmotors for direct current, we also have electronic devices for regulating deviating speeds for the versions with permanent magnet. We offer the worm gearmotors of this type available from us in the standard voltage of 24 volts DC. We have collected further detailed product information for you in the catalog Worm Gear Motors for DC Permanent Magnet.

Electric motor with gearbox: worm gear motors for DC permanent magnet

BLDC (brushless direct current) motors are brushless DC motors. They are not based on the operating principle of the DC machine, as the name suggests. This type of motor is designed like a three-phase synchronous machine, the excitation is provided by permanent magnets. With the appropriate circuit, the three-phase winding is driven to produce a rotating magnetic field. This in turn pulls the permanently excited rotor along. The control behavior is very similar to that of a DC machine. This variant is just as much a part of Ruhrgetriebe’s product portfolio as EL-motors. Get in touch with us! Together we will find out what we can do for you in relation to your individual requirements.

BLDC-motors from electric gearmotor manufacturer

We are constantly developing our drive technologies and regularly increasing our inventory range. Therefore, we can offer you numerous pre-configured standard models ready for immediate delivery. If you need a drive variant that is not covered by our modular system, we will be delighted to produce special solutions according to your individual requirement specifications. We also implement these quickly and conscientiously – whether as a one-off or in series production. In this field we score with the short-term development of your individual solutions as well as a comprehensive know-how of our highly qualified technicians.

Customized electric gearmotor

In Mülheim an der Ruhr, our skilled team engineers and manufactures the carefully designed motors and worm gear units. Our employees draw on a range of technical experience. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We always act honestly, fairly and trustfully in our cooperation with customers, employees and suppliers. Added to this is our own high demand on the quality of our products. We continuously ensure our profitability and competitiveness through audited quality assurance and the constant optimization of our processes. If you would like advice on an electric motor with gearbox or have any questions, just contact us.

We are always there for you.

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