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Planetary gear manufacturer Ruhrgetriebe

We are your reliable contact if you are looking for a competent manufacturer for planetary gearheads or geared motors. Ruhrgetriebe has been developing drive solutions for use in almost all industrial sectors since 1953. Our specialities include worm gear units and worm gear motors. We cover the area of coaxial gears with our low-backlash planetary gears. Like all our products, we produce the gearboxes in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Therefore, we can guarantee you the highest production quality “made in Germany” and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Modular system for planetary gearboxes from the experienced manufacturer

With our preconfigured basic modular elements, you can realise your drive technology particularly quickly. We have designed the modules for the planetary gearboxes based on our many years of experience. In this way, you get a solution for most applications that is economically and technically very well thought-out. Another advantage is that we can guarantee short delivery times for the basic elements.

We use lifetime lubrication for our gearboxes. Therefore, maintenance can be dispensed with during their entire service life.

The following factors play a decisive role in the design of our planetary gearboxes:




From the manufacturer: RPS series planetary gearboxes

The lightweight and low-noise RPS series is characterised by its wide range of ratios (24 ratios from i = 3 to i = 512) and its high power density. The overload capacity is also high. The gearbox housings are available in three diameters of 40, 60 or 80 mm, so that you can find a suitable variant even if you have limited installation space. The rated output torque, acceleration torque and emergency stop torque also vary accordingly. These characteristics also make these planetary gearheads suitable for applications with high weight requirements. Axis movements with dynamic operation are worth mentioning here, for example.


RPL series from the planetary gear manufacturer

The RPL series is characterised by its robust and short design. Due to the special design of the output shafts and ring gears used, high torsional stiffnesses are possible. Due to their resistant abutment, these gearboxes are suitable even for applications with high radial and axial forces. The housings of the RPL type planetary gearboxes are available in five different diameters. In the 2-stage versions, transmission ratios of up to i = 100 can be achieved.

Basic structure of a planetary gearbox?

In industrial production systems, low-backlash planetary gearheads serve as the link between the servo motor and the application. The main function of the gearbox is the conversion of torque and speed as well as the adjustment of mass inertia. The decisive factor here is the inner workings of the gearbox, or more precisely: the gearing. The name “planetary gear” comes from the special arrangement of the gear wheels. The component driven by the servo motor is the so-called sun wheel, which is orbited by revolving planets that serve to transmit power. The ring gear in the housing gives them their orbit. A planetary gear carrier connects the individual planets and transmits the power in bundled form. EThe transmission ratio is decisive for the power and speed conversion. It represents the ratio of the driving input speed to the driven output speed. The decisive factor here is the size of the ring gear in relation to the size of the sun gear. Typically, the gear ratio of a planetary gearbox is between 3 and 10.

We develop customised special solutions

Our product range includes a wide variety of drive variants. If you need help with your selection, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are personally on hand to offer you advice and assistance. In order to be able to reliably offer you this advice, it is particularly important to us to continuously qualify our team of around 70 people in development, production and sales. We consider the high quality awareness of all our employees as well as motivated teamwork as guarantors for our consistently high level. This claim is also reflected in our EN ISO 9001 certification, which we have held since 1996. If you have special requirements, we will develop individual drive solutions for you. As an established family business and experienced manufacturer of geared motors, planetary gearboxes and other components from the field of drive technology, we always focus on economic efficiency and reliability. Choose Ruhrgetriebe!

Competent advice from individual to series orders

Our comprehensive delivery programme with its diverse working variants is complemented by personal advice in combination with professional solution competence. In this way, we deliver ideas that are both economical and reliable, even for our customers’ individual requirements. Many individual components of the gearboxes and motors we sell are often still available from stock, even years later. This fact is an important testament to both the durability of our products and the quality of our services. In this way, we strengthen the bond with our customers. So it is not surprising that many of them have been relying on our company for more than 30 years when it comes to drive technology. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a one-off or a high-volume order. In any case, as an independent company, you can rely on us for a high level of quality, competence and speed.


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Using the digital product label, you can easily send us all the information required for the unique specification of your required gearmotor. A glance at the nameplate of your drive unit and entering the ID number will provide you with a 100% specification.

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