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Hollow shaft gearbox

Hollow shaft gearboxes from the expert for worm geared motors

In the worm gear sector, we convince through many years of technical experience, field-tested expertise and our outstanding manufacturing quality. Our product range includes worm gear units in various designs: single or two-stage with output shaft or hollow shaft. You also have the choice between different types of electric motor. We offer geared motors with hollow shafts for three-phase, direct or alternating current. Hollow shaft gearboxes are used in areas where low weight is required or the shaft must have a high natural frequency. Furthermore, it is possible that the cavity is required for other components, axles, etc.

Hollow shaft gearboxes with low maintenance for highest demands

Like all our worm gearboxes, our hollow shaft gearboxes are characterised by being particularly reliable and low-maintenance. They are suitable for both directions of rotation and have closed, resistant housings. We make the worm wheels from special bronze because it has very good sliding properties. Due to the permanent lubrication with special gear fluid oils and greases as well as the carefully thought-out design, our gearboxes run extremely quietly and have a long service life. In the majority of cases, they do not need to be relubricated and there is no need to change the lubricant.




According to your specifications: customised geared motors with hollow shaft

We offer you a wide range of standard models which we have pre-configured for you and which you can select according to the modular principle. These product solutions cover most applications and can be shipped within 24h. If your application requires an individual drive solution, we can manufacture it for you as a customised product. We also realise special customer requests quickly and cost-efficiently. Do you need help selecting a hollow shaft gearbox with electric motor or would you like advice?

Simply get in touch with us. We will also be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.


Gear motor with hollow shaft from the worm gear expert

Ruhrgetriebe has been producing high-quality worm geared motors and worm gearboxes since 1953. Our customers appreciate the extensive experience we bring to the table as a geared motor manufacturer. Our ingenious solutions in the field of drive technology are used in very different branches of industry. Our company stands for speed, reliability and exceptional manufacturing quality. In Mülheim an der Ruhr, we manufacture our durable components, ranging from planetary gearheads and frequency inverters to electric geared motors, which are available in various designs, including a geared motor with hollow shaft.

Gear motor with hollow shaft or solid shaft?

The right choice

Solid shafts and hollow shafts basically work in exactly the opposite direction. Whereas with a hollow shaft gearbox the application must be provided with a shaft and is inserted into the gearbox, a solid shaft turns from the inside, so to speak, as it is itself an integral part of the solid shaft gearbox. Solid shafts can be provided with radial or axial threaded holes, which serves for fastening. A geared motor with a hollow shaft, on the other hand, is more commonly used in connection with weight-reduced designs. Hollow shaft gearboxes are also the first choice when the shaft must have a high natural frequency. The required cavity may also be necessary for other components, axles.

The range of geared motors at Ruhrgetriebe includes variants for direct, three-phase and alternating current. They comply with the regulations of VDE530 and can be activated directly without starting or starting aid. Our range is completed by small geared motors of high efficiency classes, which enables us to live up to our claim of being a sustainably thinking geared motor manufacturer. In this context, we manufacture worm geared motors of efficiency classes IE2 and IE3 from as little as 0.09 KW. Equally, our customers can get EL and BLDC motors from us. With the appropriate frequency inverter, we also support you in retrofitting your geared motors.

Three-phase and direct current: geared motors from the manufacturer

BLDC and other geared motors from the manufacturer

BLDC motors (brushless direct current) are brushless DC motors that are similar in design to a three-phase synchronous machine. They are not based on the functional principle of the direct current machine, even if their name suggests this. The control characteristics are quite comparable with each other. With a suitable circuit, it is possible to control the winding of the three-phase current in a BLDC motor in such a way that a rotating magnetic field is created. This in turn causes the permanently excited rotor to turn. Just like special geared motors with hollow shafts, BLDC and EL motors can also be found in the comprehensive range of our drive technology company. Talk to us about the different variants so that we can work closely with you to find exactly the solution that best meets your individual requirements.

Our comprehensive product portfolio consists of a large number of standard models that we can deliver to you directly from stock. Certainly, it often comes down to such drive variants that are not standard and have to meet special requirements. Even then, we are the right contact for you. We develop and manufacture individual components and are thus also happy to meet unusual customer requests. We benefit from our comprehensive expertise and many years of experience. From single pieces to series, from solid shaft gearboxes to gear motors with hollow shafts, we implement a wide range of components quickly and economically. Get in touch with us! As a manufacturer of geared motors since 1953, we are happy to provide you with advice and support.

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